Second Harvest Food Drive

December 17th, 2017

On December the 17th, the scouts from our troop volunteered to help at a food drive for families with not enough money for food. The scouts arrived at 8:00 in the morning where the opening ceremony was held in the warehouse. There were military personnel and other people that participated in the food drive. Scouts helped in a range of tasks inside the warehouse with the participants. Some helped as part of the assembly line that carried and filled the boxes. Other scouts helped to compact and recycle boxes. Once all the available boxes were filled, the scouts and participants began the clean up of the site before heading outside the warehouse to eat. At the end of the food drive, they served tacos to all participants to eat. The food drive would end for most including the scouts, but some participants would stay and help carry the filled boxes to the trucks.

Written by: Historian Ryan Le,

Scouts helping as part of the assembly line.Scouts help to clean the mess.The troop helping in the food drive. “Scouts never stop” helping.