1. Complete all requirements of the new rank in your scout hand book

2. Download and complete this SMC Sheet with your leader before call SMC conference.

3. Send an email to address: TDLV_SMC_REQUEST@GOOGLEGROUPS.COM  to request a Scout Maste Conference with leaders

Request must be sent before midnight of Wednesday for the following Troop meeting on Saturday
Make sure to include the following in your email:

    Scout name: ______________
    DOB: ________
    Current Rank: _______
    Reason: request for SMC or BOR for new rank: __________
    Parent name: __________
    Parent email address: ____________
    Phone number: ____________
4. After completed the SMC with a leader, request for BOR: by email to address: TDLV_BOR_REQUEST@GOOGLEGROUPS.COM 

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