PLC Meeting 10/6/18

Hello Scouts! This is a recap of the topics discussed in the PLC meeting of October 6th for anyone who missed the meeting or would just like a reminder of what happened.

  • Camp Sycamore, a training camp, will happen on November 10th. This will help scouts with skills such as lashing, fire building, formation training, and first aid. Younger scouts will also be able to fulfill their cooking requirements and earn their Totin’ Chip.
  • For the next months, every week a patrol will be trained in how to do a flag ceremony. This means that patrols, after the training is finished, will have to choose their own scouts to participate in the ceremony each week, rather than having the ASPL choose.
  • Patrol leaders will also be responsible for doing uniform checks BEFORE the flag ceremony. More serious punishments may be handed out if scouts continue to not comply with the uniform requirements.
  • A hiking activity may be planned in the future, although details are still being worked out.
  • Reminder to any Sophomores/Juniors: The deadline for completing your Eagle requirements is coming up quickly. Talk to a leader to start on your project ASAP if you are Life rank, or try to get to Life as quickly as possible.

That is all for this meeting. Thank you for reading Scouts!

-Sean Ho, Scribe

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  1. Hieu

    Good job, Sean! I missed part of the meeting but your minute provided the information that I need.

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