Patrol Quartermasters List of 2/3/18

Hello All,

This is the current patrol quartermaster list for troop 980. If there are any problems, please let me know. Thank you! ~Gavin Nguyen


Patrol Quartermasters 2018


Quartermaster: Gavin Nguyen


Name: Stove: Cooking Utensils: Tents: Water Dispensers:
VincentStarted: August 1 1 (Orange) T16, T21
JacksonStarted: April 1 1 (Blue)Missing Cutting Board T15, T18
RichieStarted: October 1 1 (Pink) T11, T14
(Jefferson Holding Stuff) 1 1 (White) T12 and T(Old)16
EdwardStarted: April 1 1 (Green) T17, T19 1
MatthewStarted: August 1 (No Color) T13, T20 1