Photo Gallery

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Count Down Party 2018

Hôi Chợ Tết (2018)

Congratulation to Tr Thoai!

Xuân Lạc Việt 2017

Hội Chợ Tết 2017

Count Down Party 2017

Scout COH Gallery

Hiking to Easton Canyon

Troop Election Day

Camporal 2017

AOL-BronzeSilver 2017

Packing Food Service

LDLacViet COH 2017

Winter Training Camp

Scavenger Hunt 2016

AOL & Silver Award 2016

Tet Trung Thu 2016

Court Of Honor 2016

Traị Kết Thân 2016

Pacifica Camporee 2016

Xuân Lạc Việt 2016

Chào Cờ Đầu Năm 2016

by Vu Le Photographer

Hội Chợ Tết 2016

Jan 30, 2016

Hiking bridge to nowhere

Bridging Camp 2015

Court Of Honor 2015

Trai Kết Thân 2015

Trại Liên Kết 2015



Hội Nghị Diên Hồng (skit)


Camp TahQuitz – 2012

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