Emergency PLC meeting 1/26

Hello this is Sean. This is an overview of the topics discussed in the emergency PLC meeting that happened last weekend. I apologize for being late on this announcement. This meeting happened via Discord.

  1. Unfortunately, the T-shirt supplier who is making our new Uniform C has not contacted Henry yet. We will wait another week before checking back.
  2. We will be going on a hike soon, which will be a multi troop event. The location is still undecided and PLC members will have to research trails and share by the next PLC meeting.
  3. Sports day will be potentially be extended.
  4. We may be selling food to the other troops ($3 for pizza and drink). The troops will be able to bring their won food or buy ours.
  5. We will need referees for each of the games in order to prevent fights between the Lien Doan.
  6. We will also extend the area to past the bridge near the lake on Euclid and Edinger. This area will be used for more sports like CTF.
  7. The area where we normally have our flags will be used for First Aid, volleyball, and dodgeball. The area where the ventures and Cadettes normally are will be off limits.
  8. We will be doing a normal flag ceremony during sports day. If the cubs are doing the flag that month, we will ask to do it for that day.
  9. We might do “passports”. The idea is that everytime a team wins, they will get a signature on their passport. This way we will be able to see who won the most.
  10. As a reminder: if you have not requested your size of your Uniform C yet, please do so. Ask the PLC messenger chat for the link to the google doc.

Thank you for reading. Again I would like to apologize for being so late on this announcement.

-Sean Ho