5/12 Meeting and PLC Recap

Hello Scouts! This past weekend we held a very important meeting, please ask someone in person for the full details on what had happened if you did not attend it. Here is a quick overview of the events that took place:

  • This months Court of Honor was held where we saw many scouts advance in their rankings. There were also many scouts that received merit badges. If you missed this CoH, please refer to your email to see if you received anything, as they will be given to you on a later date.
  • We held our semi-annual PLC elections for the next term. Scouts rank first class and higher were eligible to run for a position, which is required for Star, Life, and Eagle. The results of the election will be announced on a later date. The next election will be held in roughly six months.
  • In preparation for the International Camp, patrols were made. If you are going to International Camp and had missed this meeting, please contact Henry Thong so that you can be placed in a patrol.

PLC meeting:

This meeting was mainly a reflection on the last term; on what we did well and what could have been done better.

  • An important thing that we will be focusing on is our communication, specifically our emails. It has been noted that scouts rarely check their emails, and they frequently miss out on important information. Because of this, it has been decided that there will be punishments for scouts that do not read their emails next term.
  • A lot of older scouts noted that younger scouts hardly have motivation to participate. This could be for a number of reason, from the older scouts being too intimidating to them simply not being included. Whatever the case may be, we should try our best next term to include every scout in our activities.
  • An idea was proposed that a new patrol will be made entirely composed of new scouts. This will mean that the new scouts have to elect their own patrol leader and assistant patrol leader. Last term, the troop guides and instructors took these roles. However, it was decided that that set up was not beneficial for the rest of the troop. This new set up may allow for the young scouts to be more involved in the troop. The idea is not yet official, but it is something to think about.
  • The PLC will be trying to plan more merit badge classes for ourselves, such as the rock climbing merit badge that had happened a few weeks earlier.
  •  A date will be planned in the summer where the troop will go sailing at the beach. This day will include lessons on sailing and the like. The plan is not offical yet, but has a good chance of happening.
  • A picnic and bonfire at the beach on Memorial Saturday is currently being planned, check your emails to receive updates.
  • Remember for the rest of the term to keep a positive attitude during the meetings :).

Thank you for reading Scouts!