4/14/18 Sports Day Recap + PLC Meeting

Today LD Lac Viet had its very first sports day. A guest troop, Lam Son, joined us as well bringing one patrol of 9 people. The three sports that were played were volleyball, capture the flag, and dodgeball.

After the sports finished, the PLC held a reflective meeting to discuss what could have been done better. We also discussed the plan for future PLC meetings.

  1. There should have been longer rotations as the time spent playing each game was very short.
  2. We should account for people not coming. There were originally going to more guest troops coming, but they cancelled early. Although we were able to adjust our plans, our communication while doing it could have been smoother to avoid any problems. To combat this, we will be having PLC meetings every other week so that we can better communicate as the PLC group chat is not effective.
  3. Some of the teams were too big because people showed up late. For the future we should account for this to avoid have large teams.
  4. Some of the younger kids were left out during the games. Many people have expressed their concerns with this issue and we all have to work to get the kids more involved. It was noticed today that many of the younger kids were pushed aside during the games; we should give everyone an equal chance to play.
  5. There will be zero tolerance for any negative comments about any guest troops coming to our events. We want to build strong connections with out troops, and that cannot be done if we bad mouth them behind their backs.
  6. The next PLC meeting will be May 5th, unless there is a sudden change of plans.

Thank you for reading,

Sean Ho