1/14 PLC Meeting Recap

On January 14th, the PLC held a meeting at Tr. Bryan’s house to discuss future events coming up in the next few months. This is a rough overview of what was discussed.

  1. Our fundraiser during the New Years party (raffle) was a success. Our goal was $500 and we made $527 meaning we will be able to fund our new Uniform B’s. We are aiming to have the shirts before Camporee. However, we will need to hold another fundraisers in order to fund hiking sticks.
  2. It was decided that our Uniform B will be light pink with white color text on the back.
  3. On February 16-18, there will be a Tet festival at the OC fairgrounds. Our troop will be volunteering at both a photo booth and in the parade. The scouts will need to take shifts at the booth as we will be working all three days and have to be wearing Uniform A. If you do not do work than you cannot get volunteer hours.
  4. For Chào cờ đầu năm on March 3rd, we will need 6-10 people to build the flag pole for the camp and 6-10 people to build our troop gate.
  5. We are planning a sports day with Trường Sơn. The date is not set in stone, but we are aiming for the last week of March. We also may invite more troops. We discussed the possibility of selling refreshments at the event to raise money for our hiking sticks. The current planned sports are football, volleyball and dodge ball.
  6. A backpacking trip is being planned for the first week of April. The location has not been chosen, so everyone in the PLC must research a location and should be prepared to pitch the idea at the next PLC meeting.
  7. Camporee 2018 will most likely be held in the same location as last year, although the date is not confirmed yet. The fee is $40. We are trying to figure out a game for the camp, and we are also looking to preform a skit.
  8. In the coming meetings at the park, we will be enforcing stricter phone rules because scouts stay on their phone for too long. The PLC will have the power to confiscate phones and give them to scoutmasters if the problem becomes too much.
  9. If any member of the PLC has not been added to the PLC messenger chat, ask to be added soon.

Thank you for reading

-Sean Ho